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How to Use This Site

Maximizing Your Visit.

Don't be afraid to try the buttons to the left to get a "feel" for this site. You won't break anything by exploring (I hope!).

ALBUMS: Select this for a fast look at Albums by major family names. There are PHOTO albums, which include cemetery headstones, and there are albums for HISTORIES and DOCUMENTS. In the Photo Albums place your mouse cursor over the thumbnail photo to open it. Click on it for a more stable view or to print a copy. In the Histories and Documents Albums, click on the title to open a specific document for viewing or printing.

BROOKS ALBUMS- Contain documentation about the ancestors and siblings of Lenna “Lennie” Leota BROOKS (1865-1943), spouse of Hurbert Clarence MOORE (1857-1915).See MOORE Albums for this couples immediate family and descendants.

HARVEGO ALBUMS- Contain documentation about the ancestors and siblings of Ernest Howard HARVEGO (1881-1943) and his marriage to Clara Rosamond WELLER (1884-1971).See WELLER Albums for this couples immediate family and descendants. Clara was a daughter of Alonzo William Willard Wilkinson WELLER (1852-1926) and Susanna Bechtel DAVIS (1858-1921).

MITCHELL ALBUMS- Contain documentation about the descendants of James John MITCHELL (1822-1901) and his marriage to Susan Ogilvie MCFARLANE (1830-1898).

WELLER ALBUMS- Contain documentation about the ancestors and siblings of Alonzo William WELLER (1888-1984) and Harvey James WELLER (1885-1959), sons of Alonzo William Willard Wilkinson WELLER (1852-1926) and Susanna Bechtel DAVIS (1858-1921).Alonzo William married Sylvia Mildred MOORE (1891-1976) and Harvey James married Mary Rachel MOORE (1895-1979). Sylvia and Rachel were daughters of Hurbert Clarence MOORE (1857-1915) and Lenna Leota BROOKS (1865-1943). Two Weller brothers married two Moore sisters. See MOORE Albums for immediate family and descendants of these two couples.

You can also see all items for all families under the general headings of PHOTOS, HEADSTONES, DOCUMENTS or HISTORIES. NAME SEARCH: There are three ways to search for people: 1) Search 2) Advanced Search or 3) Surnames. Because a person's legal name may be different than a name they were known by most of their lives, we suggest you search as follows: Under Search, simply enter the last name of the person you are seeking. For females or partners enter their maiden name or other surname. That will bring up all people of that surname. You can then scroll. Or if the list is too long, use the surname and the first two or three letters of their first name.

REPORTS: Once you've found the name that you want you can run reports. Select "Descendant" or "Ancestor", reports. First to appear will be a chart. Select the number of generations you want to see and then select "Register" for a report that will give you all data we have recorded and will show relationships by generation. Remember, vital statistics for living family members will not appear. You can also select "Text" which gives you a report showing families in an outline by generation. You may also want to explore COMPACT and STANDARD. TO PRINT: Select PRINT from the tool bar. A second screen will appear, again select PRINT.

For complete Descendant Reports you need to start with the oldest family member we have in our database for that family. Families and the earliest person to select are as follows:

BROOKS- Errol Asel Brooks

BURT- Peter (1795-1844)

CLARK FAMILY #1 - William Peter (1782-1837), family of Minerva CLARK (1829-1917) and spouse, WIlliam Hubbard (1827-1915); Kate Hubbard of this family married James Buchannon Huntsinger.

CLARK FAMILY #2- William Clark (abt 1754-aft 1810) and spouse, Caroline SMEDLEY (abt 1762-1845); Bayard Taylor Clark married Alice Adore MOORE. (Clark/Moore)

DAVIS- George Davis, spouse of Eliza Vernon

DE KLERK- Daniel DeKlerk (Abt 1654-1732)- Ancestors of William Page Clark (Hubbard/Huntsinger)

DU TRIEUX- Phillippe Du Trieux (1554-1601)- Ancestors of Catherine Truax (Hubbard/Huntsinger)

GIBBS- William J Gibbs (1792-1868)

HAGEN- Torstein Torsteinsen Haugeneie

HARVEGO- Herman Harvego Sr (1838-1917)

HUBBARD- E- family of William HUBBARD (1827-1915)

HUNTSINGER- Johannes Huntsinger (abt 1730-1780)

IVERSON, Iver (1842-1927)

MITCHELL- James John Mitchell (1822-1901)

MONIE- Ingeborg Olsdatter Moenie (1825-1898)

MOORE- Robert Moore,Sr (abt 1781-1831)

MYHRE- Iver O Myhre (1833-1905)

PETRIE- Adam Petrie (1830-1894)- George Walter Petrie married Louis Alida MOORE.

ROBERTSON- George D Robertson (1855-1937) - Joseph D Robertson (1885-1980) married Elizabeth Mayme Petrie (1889-1978), daughter of George Walter Petrie and Louise Alida Moore.

SCHMIDT, Fredrick

ST JOHN- Lyman

STOLTZ- George Washington Stoltz (abt 1871-1965)

STOW- Chester (1792-1865)

VEDDER- John F Vedder- Ancestors of Mildred Eileen (Vedder) Huntsinger  (1917-2001)

WELLER- Chauncy Richard Weller (1816-1878)- Two Weller men married two Moore women.

You can run Descendant or Ancestor reports for any name in the database.

DATES AND ANNIVERSARIES: Select this to see names of people in the database who were born, married or died on this date.

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