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Our Story Tellers

My inspiration for genealogy came while assisting my mother, Mable Moore Huntsinger,compile her information for the original "Memories of Moores" Genealogy printed in 1990. That narrative is displayed on this site under HISTORIES. She wrote many letters to family members gathering their information. She talked to others who had been recording the information in the past, too. And she typed and re-typed page after page on a manual typewriter as new information was obtained. It eventually was created in a word processing document. When we published that information I was using some very basic software for the genealogy. Mom's work produced hundreds of names, thousands of data entries, and many pictures and personal stories.

THE EARLY TRIBAL STORY TELLERS: Anna Ilene Hagen (Wagner) (1918-1988) did a lot of work in the early years for the Mitchells, Moores, Hagens and Gibbs. Bernice Elizabeth Moore (Teeters) (1903-1960), mom's oldest sister, was another resource. Then there has been the endless work of Elizabeth Hortense Burt (McKean) of the Mitchell-Burt families who has shared her work generously. Norma Maxine Wood (Blumer) provided several historic Mitchell family pictures and research. Opal Fae Cook (Sparks) was a regular provider of Cook-Huntsinger information. Willis Weller provided much of the early Weller information.

TODAY'S TRIBAL STORY TELLERS: It is hard to determine who to name these days as many family members have become involved. But I must try. And more will be added in the months ahead as I work through boxes of accumulated information.

My soul-mate on this project at the start was Sharon Lee Guttrud (Cremer), a dedicated Mitchell-Hagen-Gibbs researcher. She has contributed much information, many photographs as we started to build this site. Lois Wilma Aust (Riekens), another Burt-Mitchell and "others" researcher -- her work is always carefully done. She has responded to many requests for help and provided endless  information for Burts and Mitchells and much moore. For the Moore-Weller families Wayne Vernon Weller has become the new Weller point person. After the 2009 Weller Reunion, Jim and Jeanette Ilene Stoltz (Duff) made available over 100 priceless photos, many of which are on this site. Nancy Harvego Marriott has supplied Weller-Harvego pictures and information. The Clarence Emery Moore family has been detailed by Anna Mae Moore (Bristow) and her brother, George Eugene Moore. The Henry Moore family has been provided by Barbara Ann Allen (Parks), as well as volumes of information on our other Moores. For Moore-Petries it has been George Wilbur Robertson and for Moore-Walker it has been Phillip Hoffman Walker, both from Canada.

I must salute John D. McCallum, a major Huntsinger family researcher, who brought together the work of several of us with his own and created an entry that won 2009 Honors from the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society. (See the Huntsinger Family Histories and Documents Album).

It is John who found the missing link that tied my great-grandfather, James Buchannon Huntsinger, to many other Huntsingers that I had researched and pondered about for more than 20 years. The family name had been mis-spelled (Hausinger) in an early Wisconsin Census and John made the discovery.

Thanks to all who have shared in the past. We look forward to new information from new people in the future. This is a product of many wonderful people and this site remains a large file cabinet of information for its visitors. Thank-you.

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